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Meeting Date: September 27, 2010

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Monday, September 27, 2010 Meeting Announcement

Greetings everyone!

Our next meeting is exactly one week from today on Monday, September 27, 2010. I'm excited to welcome Steve VanderLeest PhD who will be presenting a paper on a DornerWorks research and development project to develop an open source avionics partitioned operating system according to the specification of ARINC653. Such an operating system ensures both time and space partitioning to allow multiple levels of critical software to co-exist on the same hardware. Steve is VP of R&D at DornerWorks and professor of Electrical Engineering at Calvin College. Steve will also be presenting this paper at the DASC (Digital Avionics Systems Conference) in Salt Lake City next month. Here is the abstract to whet your appetite:

"We have developed an early prototype of an ARINC 653 implementation using the virtualization technology of the open source Xen hypervisor along with a Linux-based domain/partition OS. In this paper we share lessons learned from adding to our prototype both an ARINC 653 CPU scheduler and a simple ARINC 653 serial I/O driver. By using a common hypervisor technology on multiple platforms, early application development can be done in a PC environment with relatively good modeling of the final target's behavior. The paper covers three topics. First, we start with an overview of the ARINC 653 standard, which is important because it reduces development costs, reduces system weight, and lowers certification costs. The standard focuses on resource partitioning of time and space on an avionics computer, managing the three primary subsystems of the computer: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, and Input/Output (I/O). Second, we will review virtualization technology, an established method of sharing a computing resource, considering it for adaptation to ARINC 653. Third, as a case study, we will examine our prototype implementation of the ARINC 653 standard using the Xen open source hypervisor. We conclude with a discussion of our plans for future work towards ARINC 653 simulation and development environments on both PC desktop and embedded targets."

The format of the evening will be as follows:

6:00pm - Dinner at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company (NW corner of 28th St & Lake Eastbrook Blvd)
7:30pm - Meeting at DornerWorks - (NW corner of Lake Eastbrook Blvd & Camelot)

Please respond to this email with an RSVP is you would like to attend. But feel free to show up last minute too.


IEEE WMCN Founder & Chair

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