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Meeting Date: March 24, 2014


Our next meeting is about a week and a half away on Monday, March 24th. I am pleased to welcome Mr. Steven Walter of Atmel Corporation as our guest speaker. Steve is a long time colleague and friend of mine. He has worked in the embedded electronics and semiconductor fields for many years as a consultant and has worked for several companies including Yazaki North America, Siemens, Infineon, and Atmel. Steve's talk will be centered around the practical applications of Capacitive Touch Technology. Because this subject is so vast and could encompass a week long lecture, Steve will jump right in with a practical button/slider demonstration and then hit on the major considerations of implementing a Capacitive Touch interface:

Principles of Operation
- sensor design for button/sliders and touch screens
- acquisition and post processing

Practical Application Considerations
- moisture
- optical properties
- materials

Application Trends

Also at this meeting we will introduce the WMCN officers for 2014 which were elected at the last meeting in January. As you may know or no doubt have guessed, David has stepped down as the WMCN's chair and is instead assisting the IEEE West Michigan Section. Good luck David!

The format for this meeting is as follows:
6:00pm - Dinner at Seoul Garden (3321 28th St SE, in front of Woodland Mall)
7:30pm - Meeting at DornerWorks - (NW corner of Lake Eastbrook Blvd & Camelot)

Please respond to this email with an RSVP is you would like to attend, but feel free to show up last minute too.

Thank you,
Otto Muller

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